Liberty Thru Grace

Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free

Your Enemy is Defeated

Long ago, Adam made a choice to allow Sin and Death to have their reign over humanity.  They stood uncontested for thousands of years until one day, Jesus Christ died on Calvary’s hill.  Scripture records that Christ became sin for us as the supreme demonstration of His love.

To love is to provide and by His death, Christ made the ultimate provision by giving humanity what they needed – the ultimate escape from Sin’s reign.  Christ became sin and effectually crucified sin right along with Him.

Death was none the wiser as three days later, Christ arose from the grave having already successfully defeated Sin but now Sin’s co-regent, Death.

Christ’s death, burial and resurrection was the rescue mission that mankind needed.

Enjoy the salvation that He has purchased for you and that has already been gifted to you.  By faith, tell Him thanks and enjoy and live in the gift of His eternal life.

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